August 31, 2016 / Glen Reynolds

There is a good chance this may have already happened to you, although you might not have realized it at the time. It is not uncommon for us to cross paths with individuals we have known in past lives, perhaps even on a semi-regular basis. Many souls are drawn to each other over time and will meet in numerous different forms and timelines. For some, meeting a person from a past life goes unnoticed, but for others it can be emotionally and spiritually exhausting.

You should be prepared to feel a little drained or overwhelmed when this happens, but it’s important to listen to your inner voice on whether or not this is an interaction you want to take part in or would rather walk away from. Your instinct will tell you what to do.

1. The eyes will feel familiar.

When you look into the eyes of someone from a previous life, there will be undeniable recognition there. No actual feature of their face may be familiar to you, except for the eyes.

In that moment you will feel with certainty that they are also having the same thought about having known you somehow before, without knowing you now.

2. There is an immediate release of intense feelings.

While your mind doesn’t always make the connection right away, your heart and other primitive senses can feel the nearness of a familiar soul.

This will be apparent when you are suddenly awash with extremely strong emotions and feeling in this person’s presence. This is when you should pay attention to what your intuition tells you on an emotional level.

If this person was a positive part of your past life, you will feel joy, warmth or calm. If this person was a negative part of that life, you may feel dread, anxiety or sadness.

3. You may experience flashbulb memories.

A flashbulb memory is a recollection that is generally very simple and basic, just a quick image or audio of a conversation. It is brief and simple but also incredibly vivid.

Meeting someone from a previous life is almost the ultimate trigger for these kinds of memories or flashbacks. They can be confusing and they might throw you off a little since they don’t always offer much detail or specific information, but this is something that should be taken into account when you’re deciding how to proceed with this person in front you.

Always trust your gut.

4. You feel like you can almost read their thoughts.

There isn’t necessarily an actual psychic connection between the two of you, but you do have some uniquely deep insight into their thoughts and patterns, just as they do yours.

When two souls are destined to meet repeatedly over the course of multiple lives, there is a cosmic connection there that can be incredibly strong. It is likely that after parting ways for good, you will still be able to to feel signals from this person, even from across the globe, due to your profound bond.

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