March 20, 2019 / Glen Reynolds

SCOTLAND could provide the answer to England’s H2O woes it has been suggested, with the southern half of the UK predicted to run out of fresh water in less than 30 years. Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive at the Environment Agency, said the country is staring into the “jaws of death”, where the ever-growing population surpasses the falling supply of water. Loch Ness contains more fresh water than England and Wales combined.

Sir James said climate change means people should cut their water use by a third, half of all leaking pipes must be repaired, and huge new reservoirs, treatment plants and transport pipes built if England is to continue quenching its thirst. “Around 25 years from now, where those [where demand overtakes supply] lines cross is known by some as the ‘jaws of death’ – the point at which we will not have enough water to supply our needs, unless we take action to change things,” Sir Bevan told the Guardian.

Quality of drinking water in Scotland ‘among best in the world’ Sir Bevan spoke to the newspaper before a speech at Tuesday’s Waterwise conference in London. He said attitudes to water wastage need to alter, and added that supply companies must understand that climate change is their “biggest operating risk”.


Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/news/scottish-water-the-answer-as-england-tipped-to-run-dry-in-25-years-1-4892052?fbclid=IwAR3rmGhtp1vNqecjJLW1GSL6L2PnhQjc8nOPgwIB4KMHejw-CdhU3ZNho3Q

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