Press Articles about Me and the Monas Novels

Since launching this website there has been a lot of interest from the National Press about the Monas Novels.

Listed below are some recent articles that highlight the background to me writing the Monas Novels based on important events in my own life, and the relevance the setting of the Novels in Pennan have to the location in Aberdeenshire:

Banffshire Journal March 29th 2016


With a Highlight feature on the front page and a double page interior spread this article has done a lot to publicise the Monas Novels as “A trio of Novels that will shine Light on a Village in a Different Way” 

The article continues “INTEREST has been growing in the publishing world for a series of three completed novels with a Pennan theme. The Monas Novels are written by village resident Glen Reynolds, who is a Franciscan communications adviser to the RC Bishop of Aberdeen, a libel lawyer, a military intelligence analyst and clinical hypnotherapist.”

Download and Read the article for yourself

The Herald May 19th 2016

heraldThis was a major piece of press coverage for the Monas Novels and gave some excellent background about how my life experiences led me to write the book and set it in Pennan as well as highlighting the interest from potential publishers “Scottish publisher sought for a trilogy Penned in Pennan

In the article there is a lot of background on me, for instance “He believes that a double life is almost natural for a novelist. It could be said that I have not only had a number of lives but have been lucky that I have not used them all up!”

Download and Read the article for yourself