June 24, 2015 / Glen Reynolds

“I saw him less often. I watched his hair get longer, his beard bushier, his clothes grubbier. I listened to his political outpourings, his cynicism, anger and obsession with fighting against consumerism – and the more I read, and the more I observed, the more I became aware of issues that had passed me by. He’s right about a lot of things: the world is pretty full of corruption and destruction.” From, and more at:

Monas and Nargess leave the twilight haar that cloaks Pennan on the coast of NE Scotland, and use the paranormal gifts they have (which science is increasingly seeing as mainstream if not understood), and engage with the world’s great continents and powers who abuse the water resources they have. Fiction is becoming fact. The sentiments of the mother, above, are energising families all over the world. This is our planet. Let’s save it. Water is going to be the next war.

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